This will be the first large update

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This will be the first large update

Post by SirOwnin on Wed Oct 08, 2014 6:25 pm

This will be the first large update -

Bug Description
- Rocks bounce
- Trucks fly through air when connecting winch
- Supports can get stuck under ground
- Manually loaded logs bug
- MP Map not synced after disconnect and rejoin
- When in MP lobby, buttons become greyed out when too many players join and leave
- Unknown floating bug in MP
- Remaining texture issues
- Remaining terrain issues
- Not all MP sessions show in lobby

Improvement Description
ADD - HUD removal option for taking screenshots
TWEAK - Increase water depth allowance when vehicle has Snorkel (UAZ)
ADD - Single map saves
TWEAK - Controller inputs need to be Anolog instead of Digital (throttle/brake)
ADD - Freeroam camera
ADD - Mod support
TWEAK - Increase draw distance for high graphics settings
ADD - Option to re-join last server
TWEAK - Chat box: Allow scrollability and toggle.
ADD - Show 'In Progress...' Games
ADD - Last truck used

Estimated Launch date: 22/10/2014


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